How to connect and engage with your deskless workforce

We talk about innovative technology that can empower your employees. It’s time we took care of the other 60% of the workforce, the deskless worker.

Today, businesses are turning their focus on how to increase employee engagement and productivity. Innovative technology and the shift in attitude towards how businesses communicate and collaborate with their workforce, opens the debate how do we connect with our deskless workforce.

Who are the deskless workers?

The traditional deskless workers don’t have a desktop or permanent workspace, working in stores, hotels, restaurants, construction sites, manufacturing, nurses, police officers and sales people. They work shifts, many haven’t been given the option to share or find information to do their jobs. They haven’t been given the opportunity share their views and voice their thoughts.

The problem?

Google estimates that 80% of the global workforce, approximately 3 billion people, are performing physical or deskless work daily. These workers are always on the move. Supporting deskless workers requires a new way of thinking, new technology that can provide them with the information that they need to help them do their job more efficiently.

The first step is to identify what does the deskless worker require.

Access to company policies and training

A deskless worker similar to desk-bound colleagues require access to critical information, they need to find company procedures, staff schedules, holiday and absence forms. Training for these employees is highly important however, they can’t afford to sit in a classroom or at a computer for hours at a time. Businesses need to look at new ways of being able to deliver consistent training and materials.

One solution an employee portal built on Office 365 whereby they have the option to search for relevant information- a self service HR (FAQs, forms, policies, procedures & guidelines).

Internal communications

If your employees are remote workers, it may be hard to get to know them in person and develop close working relationships. Deskless workers require a tool that can foster employee empowerment by allowing them to become self-sufficient, independent, with a sense of ownership and pride. And that translates to a business that thrives.

For managers who want to communicate regularly with their desk-less team. You can get to know them by creating an onboarding survey within your employee app, asking them to identify their top strengths and experience.

Great internal communications keep critical information flowing and allow employees to engage with the business. By providing up-to date and important stories, deskless employees stay involved and connected to the core direction of the company.

Other requirements of a deskless worker:

  • Read articles, ask questions and comment
  • Watch videos, see relevant content, news and events
  • Find documents easily
  • Up-date and check a work schedule

Taking the first step and accepting a new approach will help deskless workers perform at their best. Technology now provides businesses with the ability to empower employees. It’s important to ensure that deskless workers feel valued as much as their desk-bound colleagues. Providing employees with the learning tools and technologies will give them the opportunity to thrive and develop their careers. The time is now to invest in your most critical resource, your workforce.

Once identifying their needs the next step is to find a platform that can deliver and suits your business needs. Fresh Intranet is the one stop communication and collaboration portal providing employees with easy access to tools, documents, people and company information from any device, anywhere. Fresh can increase employee engagement through the use of modern collaboration and communications tools.

To find out more about Fresh Intranet and how to engage your deskless worker get in touch for more details click here. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”How to Deliver Effective Communications in your Organisation” style=”3d”]The challenge for businesses in the modern age is keeping a consistent tempo to work; a reliability to workplace environments; leadership in operations and universal touchpoints that reach across the entire organisation. This whitepaper takes a closer look at the importance of internal communications in a changing business landscape and the role a company’s intranet plays in improving business fluidity and function.

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