Protect your data with Microsoft security

Rest easy knowing that your intranet data is always protected by M365’s world-class security operation.

Data Protection

Keep your data secure in the cloud

All client data hosted in the client’s Microsoft tenant, giving you true ownership of security and compliance configurability.

Cyber Security

Protect from hackers and cyber attacks

Since Fresh is built inside M365 and SharePoint, it benefits from Microsoft-level security as standard. We top that up with additional application checks so you can be sure that vulnerabilities get spotted and resolved right away.

Data Protection

Prevent employee data loss

Fresh is supported by Microsoft’s data protection architecture in SharePoint including data loss prevention, conditional access, data access governance reports and information barriers.

Data Access

Control data access

Manage who sees what and how. Activate two-factor authentication and implement device-based conditional access for extra security. Sign-out users when they go inactive and limit where data can be accessed with IP-based sessions.


Always stay compliant on data protection

Get compliance support for operations across multiple geographies, so you’re sure to meet laws and regulations on data privacy. Know that you’re in safe hands with Microsoft’s internationally-recognised processes and best practices.

ISO/IEC 27001

Fresh benefits from M365’s compliance with a leading international standard on security management systems. Certification with ISO/IEC 27001 is confirmed by an accredited auditor.


M365 data storage is GDPR compliant, backed up by data encryption that protects data both at rest and in transit. Microsoft encryption protocols create barriers against unauthorised data access.

Learn more about staying compliant and keeping your intranet data safe.

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