Communication to command attention

Can you imagine a comms platform that employees really engage with? I can too! In fact I can imagine anything... a lion on a uni cycle for instance. Fresh can't do that though… but it can engage your employees. Watch Video

Is your intranet stale like a piece of bread that’s been left in a post apocalyptic pantry?

Can colleagues outside HQ read company news?

Are you sure your updates have been read?

Does your intranet let people work socially?

Fresh is a communications and collaboration portal that helps you engage with colleagues regularly – and easily -updated company news. It lets you share videos, blogs, social posts and CEO stories that are accessible from any device, anywhere.

Fresh is all about communication. Its social features let staff like, share and reply to your latest posts. It lets you track how popular your posts are in real time, and means staff have a much stronger feeling that they’re really part of the company.

The people need to know the truth: be the comms correspondent who gets the scoop on the real power of an intranet.

Comms that impact, backed by fact

How can you be sure your company news has really been read? You cant be looking over their shoulder whilst they’re working can you. well you could but you’d look a tad desperado. Fresh gives you the metrics to measure the real impact of your comms, helping you understand what happens to those messages after you press ‘publish. It helps you understand how many people are actually engaging with company news, enabling you to develop a strategy which will have the greatest impact. Now you know that everyone’s being a ruddy good sport. Everyone’s playing on the same team of the game of intranet – and you’re all chuffing winning.

From communications to conversations

Fresh changes the dynamics of corporate communications. Rather than sending messages out into the void, Fresh’s social features allow colleagues to ask questions, respond to news and interact with one another. ‘Town Hall’ features let employees speak to senior staff, quick pools let you get fast feedback and the platform lets people actually contribute their own thoughts and ideas.

Overthrow top-down comms hierarchy: be the comms correspondent who gives the people their voice back.

What a ruddy hero, A Legend, a saviour. No wait. A god!

Comms on any device! Well any device that has internet. A toaster simply wont work. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Whether its sales people on the road, shop workers in store or labourers on site, consistent corporate comms need to reach everyone, everywhere. Fresh makes this happen through the power of a mobile and tablet friendly interface. From latest company news, videos from the CEO or sharing successes of teams in different locations, making those stories reach people will make them feel involved in the company’s success.

Your intranet needs you! Comms keeps your intranet army in line and onboard.

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