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Customer story overview

Bristol Airport launch intranet employees love, with Fresh

Seeing that their intranet was outdated and out-of-use, Bristol Airport set out to rethink its entire approach to internal comms. They introduced the Enterprise Collaboration Strategy to bring company information, events, communication and collaboration together in one place. The aim of this was to create one accessible ‘digital heart’ for the entire organisation.


Cross-team communication and keeping content fresh

Bristol Airport’s existing intranet was managed by multiple different teams, all working in silos. That meant they lacked a single source of truth for company events and updates, and important business info.

Employees are a combination of office-based, field-based, and shift workers, who are close to partner companies. Effective communication and collaboration is ultra important – yet the existing intranet couldn’t integrate multiple intercommunications tools – so it was impossible.

The platform wasn’t geared towards content owners, which brought down the frequency of content publication. It was also hard to keep track of the content that had been published, which meant it quickly went out of date.

Without an owner for their intranet, the platform was rarely updated, so employees never considered it to be a go-to place for major events or business updates.

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Selection Process

Finding the right solution for Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport needed a new intranet to become the company’s ‘single source of truth’ on all-important business info, company events and updates.

This new solution needed to cut back emails and streamline comms between employees while being accessible from multiple devices at any time of the day.

The company was attracted to Fresh’s easy-access platform. They saw that the intuitive software would allow comms managers with varying levels of IT ability to easily publish more content – and ensure that it’s always up-to-date.

A key requirement for them was to bring in an M365 SharePoint application – that way, it would complement their existing Microsoft licence – and make it intuitive for the team to use.

Fresh delivered a “Single Source of Truth”. We were impressed how quick we were able to implement Fresh and it speaks volumes for the ease with which the project came together.

Claire Mason Internal Communications and Engagement Partner


Up and running fast

Not only were Bristol Airport confident that Fresh provided the intuitive intranet platform they were looking for, but they were sure to get a fast and thorough implementation too. A strong existing relationship with Content+Cloud gave them all the proof they needed that Fresh would provide exactly what they were looking for.

One channel for news, updates and events

Through Fresh, employees had a single place for all business-critical info and company updates from day one. Colleagues were immediately asking for important updates and information to be shared via Fresh, a sure sign of both its capability and popularity.

Easy to design and publish content

Fresh was up and running in just weeks, giving content managers and editors a fast way to build new pages and publish professional-looking content without needing the technical know-how. With simple-to-follow guidelines and templates, they’re able to save time and ensure that content is always on-brand.

Streamlined communication and collaboration

Thanks to deep integrations with core M365 apps, including Outlook and Teams, employees used their personal Fresh accounts to bring different comms streams from email, chat and updates into one place. This helped to ramp up cross-team collaboration – a key driver for a multi-site operator like Bristol Airport.

Intuitive for users

Fresh’s clean structure makes it easy for users to navigate and search for important info. The attractive design made the intranet feel more like a website, so employees accessed a familiar and intuitive experience when searching for company updates and events.

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