Get Fresh fast with Fresh Connect

Introducing Fresh Connect, the web-based application for rapid configuration and deployment of your Fresh Intranet.

What is Fresh Connect?

Fresh Connect is a user-friendly, web-based application facilitating the configuration and deployment of your Fresh Intranet in a fraction of the time.

Our pre-set templates and easily configurable modules eliminate the need for costly development resource, saving you time and money.

Fresh Connect allows you to use your own organisational credentials to sign in, ensuring a streamlined user experience.

A Fresh installation in four simple steps

Working alongside your Fresh partner, you can have your Fresh Intranet up and running in four simple steps:

  1. Select your release version
  2. Choose from our pre-set templates
  3. Configure the modules, following pre-deployment steps and instructions to guide you
  4. Deploy your intranet rapidly, tracking progress via our live tracker

Plus, you can also add new features to your existing Fresh Intranet installation via Fresh Connect.

Benefits of Fresh Connect

How Fresh Connect facilitates fast, cost-saving Fresh Intranet deployment:

  • Quick and easy configuration of Fresh modules
  • Saves time with pre-set templates
  • Eliminates the need for costly developer resource
  • Easy collaboration between you and your Fresh partner
  • Secure application, only requesting permissions required on target tenant
  • Removes the need for Fresh deployment via PowerShell
  • Allows for multiple intranet deployments and upgrades


Ready for a faster Fresh experience with Fresh Connect?

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