Upgrade your SharePoint intranet experience

Build a world-class intranet that lives in M365. Your one-stop shop for company news, employee collaboration and critical info. The fun stuff, and the important stuff, all in one place.

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Fresh makes it easy to publish great content in SharePoint

Create and share beautiful content at scale – no need to train in tech or design.

Intuitive intranet software

Forget clunky systems and costly training sessions – Fresh makes it easy to create and share great content without external support.

Wide range of content formats

Text, video, image – share across a huge range of formats. Stay on-brand with guidelines and templates for all channels and devices.

More content in less time

Replace disconnected tools with one platform to manage everything. Ditch the IT bottlenecks – with Fresh you can do it all right away.

Microsoft Alignment

Always aligned with the Microsoft roadmap

Fresh is part of Advania, a solutions partner for Microsoft Cloud. That means our product roadmap aligns with Microsoft and connects instantly to your M365. With Fresh, you’ll be in-the-know with regular updates on the Microsoft product roadmap.

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Built for high-growth companies

The right-fit intranet for your business

Fresh is made for high-growth companies with changing needs and requirements. Forget about months-long waits on new builds – we can design and deploy a solution and train users in a matter of weeks. So when you add new offices, teams and locations, be sure that we’ll grow with you.

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Your Intranet Partner

We’re all about you and your intranet’s success

At Fresh, we’re more than just a software provider. We form a strategic partnership to make your intranet a success, backed by decades of experience working on client intranets all over the world.

Tailored solution design

Our consulting partners at Advania will develop a unique intranet design proposal based on your goals, your company profile and team capabilities.

Long-term strategic plan

We develop a long-term plan for every client, making sure the intranet grows as you do. It’s all about you getting the most out of Fresh.

Best practice

Get best-practice advice on making your intranet a success. From publishing more popular content to learning how to launch your intranet – we’re always on hand to help.

Learn how you can build a one-stop-shop for company info, news and life, with Fresh.

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