A Fresh approach to intranet AI

Introducing FreshMind, making generative AI work for you in your SharePoint intranet.

AI-driven Search

Providing a solution to the challenges of SharePoint search

How FreshMind uses generative AI to improve users’ search experience:

People Search – search, find and connect with colleagues faster using natural language queries based on skills, projects, location or other attributes.

Document Chat – save time searching for information in documents. Using natural language queries like “How many days holiday am I entitled to?” users will be shown relevant results based on content, metadata or context.

Bulk update of metadata and descriptions

Time savings for content managers

Take the time and effort out of managing and updating metadata, tags and categories.

With FreshMind you can update metadata and descriptions for content based on AI suggestions in your intranet, improving the quality and consistency of your metadata, as well as enhancing the search and navigation experience for the end user.

Content editor assistant

Take some of the ‘thinking’ out of content creation

Whether you’re stuck for a snappy headline, need help summarising your news posts, have to translate content for your overseas colleagues, or just need the right tags for your content, FreshMind can do some of the ‘thinking’ for you, freeing up your time and headspace.

Benefits of FreshMind

How FreshMind, our AI-infused, enterprise-ready solution, makes generative AI work for you, while keeping your data safe.

Built for intranets

FreshMind is an enterprise-ready AI assistant built for intranets in Microsoft 365.


Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, FreshMind runs in your Microsoft environment.

Easy to adopt

FreshMind addresses real-world scenarios, making AI practical and accessible for every user.

No extra licenses needed

FreshMind isn’t a new product, it’s a collection of AI-powered features in Fresh Intranet.

Aligned with Microsoft

FreshMind co-exists with Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Ready to take a Fresh approach to intranet AI with FreshMind’s time-saving features?

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