Intranet adoption and training to ensure your roll-out is a success

Getting the maximum value from your Intranet.

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On-going success with Fresh

At Fresh we take a proactive role in the on-going delivery of your intranet solution.

Whether it’s by supplementing an existing team of providing periodic services like heath-checks or running focus groups, the Fresh team can help you achieve on-going client success and maximum user adoption

What is client success?

Our Client Engagement Managers build lasting relationships with you and develop deep insight into your challenges, goals, and how you use your intranet.

They proactively support you to achieve your desired outcomes, so you continually and increasingly receive value from our product over the course of your journey.

We are keen to listen to you and are always seeking to improve all aspects of the customer experience with Fresh!

How are we going to help you?

One consistent, named point of contact throughout your engagement with us

Regular and on-going engagement throughout your digital workplace journey

Proactively understanding requirements and goals to help you on your journey to intranet success

Strategic service packages designed to support on-going delivery of your intranet solution

Strategic Service Packages

Engagement and Adoption

Get your users excited about their new intranet! We work with you to effectively communicate the advantages your new tool will bring. And address potential resistance to change by building engagement across your organisation.

Content Management

We will help you to create an engaging user experience, ensuring content is easily accessible, relevant, and up to date. We work with you to set-up and enforce a governance structure which clearly sets out how your intranet will be managed



Our Fresh product and training experts support you with tailored training for all user groups. Building confidence and excitement along the way and maintaining it throughout the life of your intranet

Fresh Road Map

We will work with you to understand your goals and create a strategy to keep your intranet exciting. We provide insight into upcoming changes from Microsoft, as well as Fresh. We will help you play, structure and communicate those changes, ensuring the new intranet always delivers on your vision

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Ready to start your intranet journey?

If your organisation is looking to make the most of your Office 365 investment, with a customised modern intranet solution, why not request a demo of Fresh? Let us know your details and a Fresh consultant will get back to you with some further information and chat about your requirements.