Getting Fresh

We work with you, every step of the way. From intranet design, all the way through to review and support.

Creating success with Fresh

We have a standard approach that we use for all implementations. This approach is modular and flexible so that like Fresh it can be tailored and tweaked depending on your team, skills and how ready to go you are.

The 4 stages to creating your digital workplace

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Here is where we will carry out our readiness assessment and get your intranet strategy in place.

We will discuss with you the expected scope for the site structure and get a feel for your organisations branding and required content.


A branded version of Fresh is installed into your Office 365 tenant.

Leading up to your intranet deployment, we will use focus groups and feedback. This means functionality can be tested with user groups across your organisation.

Early engagement feedback can be documented and reviewed at this stage.


Here it’s time to set up and get ready to put your new intranet into the hands of your employees.

Early configuration will take place to ensure that your requirements have been met, and then content creation can begin.

A mix of training, to suit the style of you organisation, will be carried out to key members of your team.


An on-going process designed to help you deliver a great service to employees.

We will support you during, and following, you intranet launch. We can help with any questions and ensure your transition to your new digital workplace runs smoothly.

We target 2 – 10 weeks for an implementation with the timescale varying based on your availability and readiness.

Over 300,000 users from organisations across the globe

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