Release Notes – Q2 2024

Introducing new intranet AI enhancements, super-charged announcements and space-saving tabbed cards.

If you thought our last set of releases was good, the latest one is a proper page-turner.

We’ve got AI-infused, productivity-boosting features including our content editor AI assistant to take some of the thinking out of the more mundane aspects of content creation.

There’s also AI-assisted, bulk metadata and description updates as an enhancement of last quarter’s release.

Plus, AI-driven document chat for quicker and better search of information within specific documents. Our new Important announcements feature for critical updates and our space-saving Tabbed Cards web part.

Step this way for the details.

Content editor AI assistant

If you’re an intranet content editor, this one’s for you. Our new feature, the Content editor AI assistant, is like having your own personal intern to do all those tedious tasks you could really do without. Things like generating page summaries, blog titles, blog descriptions, relevant tags, images and translations.

Access the content editor AI assistant via the global navigation, choose one of the options, including ‘Suggest a title’, ‘Summarise’ and ‘Suggest tags’ and your personal AI assistant will come up with suggestions for you to choose from.

The content editor AI assistant can even generate a thumbnail or banner image to illustrate your content.

Once you start using this feature, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Bulk update of metadata and description using AI

As part of our last release, we introduced the Bulk update of metadata and description feature to take the leg work out of individually reviewing documents and pages.

This time we’ve gone one step further by adding AI into the mix.

Intranet owners can use this AI-powered tool to analyse multiple pieces of content at once, generating and suggesting relevant descriptions and metadata.

The result? Reduced time and effort for you, and increased searchability and findability for employees to access the information they need.

Everyone’s a winner.

AI-driven document chat

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s more AI wizardry coming your way with our AI-driven document chat.

AI-powered document chat scenarios via the Document Cards and Curated Document Cards web parts allow employees to ask natural language questions, for example, ‘Can I work from home?’, and receive answers based on the content of relevant documents including reference links.

Not only does AI-driven document chat improve findability for intranet users, this self-service feature can also reduce the workload on internal departments such as HR.  Another win.

Important announcements

Imagine the scenario. You’ve got a critical update and you need to make sure that it’s seen.

Our Important announcements feature is just the thing, allowing intranet admins and owners to create and share targeted announcements with your intranet audience.

Choose from three important announcement formats, including a blocking pop-up, banner message or ‘bell’ notification. Each message has a publication and expiration date

Our Important announcements feature also integrates with Viva Connections Announcements, allowing you to display Announcements in SharePoint and closing an existing gap between the Viva Connections offering and the SharePoint experience.

Tabbed cards web part

Streamline your intranet’s content and news, whilst improving content navigation, with our Tabbed cards web part.

Our newest web part allows you to group together associated content within the same card so intranet users can click through the tabs to access the content in the different tabs.

So, for example, you might want to add news content to a tabbed card, so employees can tab between your organisation’s global news, local news and departmental news.

Our Tabbed Cards web card is space-saving, giving intranet owners more room for additional content, and makes for an improved user experience.

What’s not to like?


 Book a demo today to see all these new features and further enhancements in action. And if you’re already a Fresh Intranet client, your customer success manager can share more information.

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