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Customer story overview

Ethixbase360 is a leading provider of ethics and compliance solutions, operating internationally with offices in the UK, US, Singapore, Malaysia and Romania. The company has over 250 employees, many of whom work remotely.

Faced with several challenges in communicating and sharing information across its dispersed teams and locations, Ethixbase360 lacked a central platform for internal communication, knowledge sharing and community building.

Until installing Fresh Intranet, it relied on a document management system and email for most of its communication needs.


The proliferation of remote and dispersed staff members highlighted the inadequacy of Ethixbase360’s digital infrastructure in fostering connectivity and engagement among employees.

Content was scattered across different platforms and locations, which meant colleagues had difficulties in finding and accessing relevant information.
Ethixbase360 needed a solution that would unify its communication channels, streamline its information flow and foster a culture of collaboration and recognition.

Without an owner for their intranet, the platform was rarely updated, so employees never considered it to be a go-to place for major events or business updates.

Woman wearing yellow jumper staring at tablet.


Under the leadership of a new CEO, Ethixbase360 embarked on introducing an intranet platform designed to dismantle silos, promote collaboration and serve as a centralised information repository.

After taking a demo, they implemented Fresh Intranet, a modern and user-friendly intranet solution on SharePoint that integrates with Microsoft 365, as it had a range of features and capabilities that addressed its challenges and goals.

Launched in November 2023, after a four-month implementation process, “The Base” intranet received positive feedback from the employees, the board and the investors, who praised the intranet for its design, functionality and impact.

Embracing a top-down approach, Ethixbase360’s CEO, Peter, championed user adoption by consistently endorsing “The Base” during company town hall meetings. They also provided training and support to employees, both online and in-person, to help them navigate and use the intranet effectively.

Chief content curator, Lee Bush, and a team of content curators for each region and department were assigned to manage and update the intranet content.

Lee now sends a weekly round-up to all employees, highlighting the latest and most important news and information from the intranet.

I received an email from our Investor Director expressing adoration for “The Base”… she said, ‘I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Congratulations on an outstanding job’.

Lee Bush Chief Content Curator, Ethixbase360


With a branded and personalised intranet portal, that reflects the company’s identity and values, “The Base” is the go-to place for all employees to access company news, policies, resources and social updates.

Since its launch, Ethixbase360 has seen a significant increase in the engagement and satisfaction of the employees, as well as an improvement in the communication and collaboration across the teams and locations.

A news hub to share timely and relevant stories

Used for CEO messages, product updates, customer success stories and employee achievements, the news hub allows employees to comment, like and share the posts, creating a two-way communication and feedback loop.

A kudos feature to recognise and appreciate work and contributions

Employees can send personalised messages and badges to their colleagues and display the kudos badge on the intranet homepage, increasing the visibility and recognition of each other.

Information hubs for each department

Each department now has a centralised and organised repository of information to store manuals, pricing calculators, product roadmaps and training materials. Employees can collaborate and contribute to the content, ensuring the information is up-to-date and accurate.

A seamless integration with Microsoft 365

Employees can access their email, calendar, documents and teams from within the intranet. The integration also enhances the security and governance of the intranet, as the employees can access it using their existing Microsoft credentials to log in.

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