How to create a business case for a rapid deployment digital workspace

This is the final post in our series on Fresh, our innovative digital workspace powered by Office 365. 

The role of IT in modern organisations has changed enormously. Where once the IT team was all about ‘keeping the lights on’, professionals are now expected to have a much more impactful and innovative role. Speaking at Gartner’s CIO Leadership Forum in London in March, Gartner’s senior vice-president, Peter Sondergaard, took that a step further. Sondergaard argued modern CIOs need to have the spirit of investors, acting as “CIO venture capitalists”. In this spirit, we provide a free business case template in today’s post to help CIOs and IT managers who are pushing for their organisation’s next big shift towards the digital workspace.

If you are to capitalise on the opportunities of the digital era, you’ll need to be brave, forward thinking and courageous. You’ll need to plan for treating, storing and gaining insights from data more seriously; you’ll need to prepare for an era of IoT and a huge range of cloud based tools. Deciding which solution is right for your business is, as Mr Sondergaard puts it, like being an investor. You’ll need to understand the field your business plays in and learn how to spot opportunities for change.

Be a change maker with Fresh

Throughout this series, we’ve explored what a digital workspace would look like with Fresh, our innovative digital workspace that integrates fully with Office 365. We have seen the impact it can have and looked at evidence of the benefits of this approach in the modern workplace.

While no organisation is the same, we’re confident that Fresh covers all the core requirements of an Intranet (plus a lot more besides that) that most companies will need. And, because it is extensible, you can add even further functionality to your digital workspace too. Fresh provides all of this in one smooth deployment, and is much faster and cheaper to roll out than a traditional Intranet.

Co-ordinated action

The purpose of IT in modern businesses is to co-ordinate change. However, any attempt to instigate change should be properly scrutinised and its value held up to rigorous analysis. A business case will therefore play a key role in any attempt to change how IT is deployed in the business. A business case needs to be well researched, impartial and balanced, meaning the company as a whole can make a fair and informed decision about whether a new initiative – such as Fresh – is right for your company.

Of course, your company and its needs are highly specific, but by providing a structured template with useful sources for further research and pointers for text, we aim to help you make the right decision.

Tell me more? If Fresh sounds like the Intranet for you, talk to us today.