Fresh highlights from the 2023 ClearBox intranet platform guide

The latest version of the ClearBox guide to intranet and employee experience platforms has been published, offering extensive assessments of 30 platforms, including Fresh. Find out about the Fresh highlights from the report in this blog. 

ClearBox is an independent consultancy specialising in the digital workplace and it’s reviewed more than 100 intranet and employee engagement tools in recent years. As the consultancy has reviewed these solutions year after year, it’s put a rigorous framework in place. This year, a few factors really stood out among all the intranet platforms on offer, including: 

  • hybrid publishing tools; 
  • improved mobile and frontline support; 
  • support creating a sense of community; 
  • Microsoft 365 integration; 
  • hybrid onboarding tools. 


Where did Fresh stand out?

Fresh stood out as a great option for organisations that want to stay on top of Microsoft’s fast-moving offering. It’s an intuitive, well-designed product that makes full use of modern SharePoint and the wider Microsoft 365 ecosystem – so much so that it ranked in the top 10 platforms for Microsoft 365 integration. 


Going beyond SharePoint basics

In the report, Fresh received positive feedback for going above and beyond standard SharePoint, alongside a great UX that’s easy to train other people how to use.  

For some organisations, SharePoint out-of-the-box (OOTB) might seem fit for purpose as their intranet solution, but we’ve heard from many others that find a SharePoint intranet OOTB just doesn’t give them everything they need. Whether it’s basic configuration of your SharePoint intranet, all the way to planning a modern digital workplace strategy and deployment, we’re recognised for providing a Fresh perspective on the SharePoint intranet.  

Our team can guide you wherever you are on your digital workplace journey. We can help you with your intranet strategy, intranet deployment, training and adoption and ongoing support.  


Microsoft 365 integration 

According to the ClearBox report, Fresh is particularly appealing to organisations that have already invested a lot in Microsoft 365 and follow the roadmap closely. It fills some of the gaps in the current Microsoft offering while avoiding areas where the product could stray from Microsoft’s vision.  

Fresh builds on the SharePoint intranet and is completed by building on the power of Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Viva. Highlights in the report include integrations with Teams and Connections when it comes to delivering content on mobile devices, as well as four distinct adaptive cards that appear in the Viva Connections dashboard in the Teams app. 


Why customers choose Fresh

A clear winner for customers is how easy it is to use Fresh, with templates, intuitive navigation and additional web parts that build on standard SharePoint adding to that. It’s also easy to learn how to create new pages and articles with the platform being so intuitive. 

Fresh is highly flexible, allowing users to create a visually attractive and feature-rich employee experience. Stand-out features for your users include information finding and employee recognition tools, while internal communications have a whole host of options for creating and delivering news stories. 


What is the ClearBox report?

ClearBox provides annual reports widely anticipated and relied on for deep-dive comparisons of leading intranet products and platforms, including Fresh, to help you choose the right solution for your organisation.  

The free report is a valuable, comprehensive resource for anyone looking to understand how the employee experience is adapting and evolving. It covers all kinds of intranets from products for SharePoint to standalone solutions.  

Whether you’re embarking on a new intranet project from within IT, internal comms or HR, the ClearBox report helps to understand: 

  • technical capabilities, governance, analytics, integrations and support; 
  • internal communication, community and engagement;
  • admin experience, user experience and visual appeal; 
  • information finding and knowledge management. 


Want to find out all the details of how Fresh performed in the ClearBox report? Download the free report.  

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