Fresh parent company Content+Cloud is becoming Advania

From 14 November 2023, Content+Cloud will be rebranded as Advania.

Fresh has been part of Content+Cloud since it was launched in 2015 when the business was known as IT Lab, prior to the merger with Content and Code that formed Content+Cloud the following year. Content+Cloud was acquired by the Advania Group in December 2021, and is now taking the next step in the journey by rebranding as Advania in the UK, with effect from 14 November 2023.

Everyone at Content+Cloud, including Fresh, is excited to be playing a part in establishing one of Northern Europe’s leading IT service providers. Advania prides itself on its focus on customer intimacy and long-term relationships – principles we have always held throughout the Content+Cloud group.

Content+Cloud might be changing name, but its commitment to clients and partnerships will be as strong as ever.

On 14 November, Content+Cloud will be launching its new website,

What will stay the same

Everything at Fresh will stay the same – we will continue operating as normal.

While Content+Cloud transitions to the new brand over the coming months, the website will remain online, but for all the latest news and insights, will be the place to go.

About Advania

Advania isn’t just a new logo in the UK; it’s a powerhouse in the Northern European market.

The Advania Group traces its origins to Iceland in 1939, expanding across the Nordic states over the following decades. Launching as Advania in 2012, the group has since grown to have more than 4,500 employees across six countries.

As the tech company with people at heart, Advania has an unwavering focus on building deep relationships with customers – values that are central to how we work in the UK. We can’t wait to continue growing our customer and partner relationships in this new chapter.

Need to know more?

We will be issuing more information to our clients, partners and subscribers in due course. However, if you’re a current client looking to know more about what this change means, please contact your account manager. If you’re one of our partners, please get in touch with your partner contact.

For any other query, please email us at [email protected].