Fresh – the product of years of successful intranets and digital workspaces.

Why did we build Fresh?

Fresh Intranet is the product following years of proven innovation from multi- award winning Content and Code.

We’ve been changing the way the world works for over 15 years by creating 1000’s of modern workspaces and won many awards in the process. With the culmination of this knowledge and experience, we have created ‘Fresh’ – a digital workspace solution accelerator – for Office 365. For larger enterprises, Fresh is the centrepiece of their digital workspace that can be easily enhanced or fully customised depending on their needs. For small and medium sized organisations Fresh enables you to have a complete intranet up and running in weeks.

We understand that CIOs, and IT Directors, want to get value from Office 365 and particularly SharePoint. You need to get it deployed and adopted rapidly.

Communications Directors want to be able to engage with their staff on any device, anywhere.

Intranet Managers, want something that looks great and is simple to use.

And Finance Directors want value for money. Fresh will save over £150,000 of upfront consultancy and development. We’ve taken the risk out of the project for you.

And part of de-risking the project is that Fresh is not just a technical solution.

Fresh comes with everything you need to build a great intranet, have a successful launch, train users and ongoing support, plus we use analytics to provide ongoing success services so that you realise great user adoption and get an amazing return on your investment. The results speak for themselves.

By using Fresh Intranet as the centrepiece for your digital workspace, you will improve employee engagement, increase productivity and realise efficiency gains. Simply put, Fresh is the fastest way to get to value for Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Enterprise social, Delve and Video.

Fresh isn’t an intranet in a box, Fresh is the right approach for delivering success.

Content and Code is jam packed full of highly intelligent people who want to make the world of work a better place. For the last fifteen years, we have been helping organisations achieve this and we thought there must be a faster and better way to help more people.

We took all the best bits that our clients loved from our approach through to the intranet functionality and packaged it up so it was simpler and faster to build a digital workplace or an intranet.

Our development teams have built the best code based on Microsoft patterns and practices and from coding directly with the SharePoint product and engineering teams.

Our consulting teams have refined our workshops, methodology and approach so you spend less time consulting and more time enjoying your new intranet.


Showcasing Fresh Intranet across different devices

Our client success teams have refined our change management and adoption services to deliver the best communication plans, develop intranet champions, educate employees, coach executives and provide ongoing success services.

Our technology enablement teams identified and packaged up the most wanted security, identity and access and other infrastructure requirements, so it is easy to get everything you need to extend an existing SharePoint estate, start your journey to the cloud or modernise your entire technology stack. We have experts on hand to guide you along the complete Office 365 journey from device management to server security to content rights management.

Finally, our support teams tailored the support options to provide what you want. If you only need essential services, you’ve got it, if you want full intranet management, end users support and technical infrastructure managed services, we can provide that too.

Enhance and extend with the geniuses that built Fresh.

We’re flexible and we understand that every organisation is unique, so if you require it, our geniuses will work with you to tailor our approach, customise our code, integrate with your existing solutions and provide a complete digital workspace for you.

Fresh is delivered by the largest and most qualified SharePoint and Office 365 consulting and development team in the UK, so we can be on site and on hand to help with everything you need.

A multi award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Partner of the year 2016
Microsoft Partner of the year 2015
Microsoft Partner of the year 2014
Microsoft Partner of the year 2016
Microsoft Partner of the year finalist 2011
Microsoft Partner of the year 2015
Microsoft Partner of the Year 2010
Microsoft Partner of the year 2014
Microsoft Partner of the year 2010
Microsoft Partner of the year 2012
Microsoft Partner of the year 2009

Content and Code’s vision is to change the way the world works by helping forward thinking organisations achieve measurable return on their Microsoft investment.  We achieve success by understanding the user requirements and the business benefits our solutions can deliver and implement technology and business change to the help achieve the client’s business goals.

Since the inception 15 years ago, Content and Code’s Microsoft pledge has been always to be the most trusted Microsoft partner in the world.  Currently, we are a multi-award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner and the winner of multiple ‘Worldwide Partner of the Year’ awards. 

By aligning our strategy with the Microsoft’s strategy and technology roadmap, we are well positioned to continue a stable growth, sharing the success of new platform offerings such as Office 365 and Azure.

Our deep understanding of SharePoint, Office 365 and other Microsoft platforms and technologies, means that Content and Code is well positioned to remain an industry leader able to deliver successful projects for our clients.

Our strategy is supported by our core values which shine through everything we do: from our internal culture to the way we work with our clients and the solutions we build.

As a professional services company, our people are the critical factor in a success of our firm and the projects we are delivering for our clients. Being a market leader and Gold Microsoft Partner in the field of the SharePoint and Office 365, we are proud to employ only highly qualified and experienced personnel.

Our employees’ training encompasses not only initial on boarding process to teach every new employee our delivery methods and proprietary tools, but also includes an ongoing training and career development plan designed to enable employees to contribute to the overall business performance by developing their skills and knowledge.


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