We’ve had a little reFresh

Our website has a fresh new look! It’s more human and easier to navigate, so you can find the information that’s relevant to you.

We’ve made the content bite-sized and easy to digest because we believe less is more.


No techy jargon here

Man wearing blue jacket looking out to the mountains

We’ve said goodbye to any corporate speak as we’re human, just like you.

So, from now on we’ll be using our weekend words, and there’ll be no confusing acronyms guaranteed.

Just plain-speaking content.

Crystal clear messages that focus on how we can help you.


We’re proud to be an intranet

Screenshot of Fresh Intranet

Our product is not a digital workplace. Nor an employee experience platform. Or frontline worker app.

Our vision is to be the most efficient, inclusive, and empowering intranet there is.

We are here to create beautiful, personalised intranets that empower you to be great at your job.


Always aligned with Microsoft

And did we mention, our product is built on top of SharePoint? This means our product road map aligns with Microsoft and instantly connects to your M365 ecosystem, benefitting from all the security Microsoft brings, with an added layer of Fresh innovation, of course.


Giving you the right information, in the right way

Working with our branding and marketing agency Fluro, our refresh follows the guiding principles of good web design.

Creative director and founder of Fluro, Mat Harris says this about the thinking behind our new look:

“Our job was to put a face to the new site. Understanding best practice and modern web design, we designed a vehicle for the user journey.”

So, thanks to Fluro our site now has a clear and intuitive user journey – making it easy for you to get the content you need.

Easily find out…

  • Who we are
  • What our product does
  • Who it’s going to benefit
  • What it enables you to do


We’re all about supporting you in your role

Responsive to your needs, evolving in the direction of your goals. Everything we do is about building you and your team an intranet that’s more useful, more beautiful, and more efficient to use each day.


Demonstrating we’re in a unique position to help

Regardless of your size or industry, we’ve designed the content to help you get to the bottom of how to solve your challenges, and fast.


Internal Communications

Get the right content to the right people. Learn how to reach every employee, target specific groups, and share content securely.

Find out how to make your culture come alive using multimedia and storytelling techniques, all without any technical knowledge.


IT Professionals

Find out about how to integrate M365’s communications, data analytics, and business operations tools with Fresh to create a single digital workspace that helps your users get more done, faster.

And it’s not just apps like Outlook, Viva Engage and Teams, learn about how to integrate third party messaging apps like Slack and Twilio too.


Our clients

Find look-a-like clients from the same industry as yours who are already loving their Fresh intranet. We think our product is great. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say for yourself.


The right fit for your business

Whether you’re in an SME or Enterprise business, we know your challenges are unique to your company. We know that Internal Comms looks different in different sized businesses – that’s why we’ve tailored our approach to meet your needs.


Adding value to your business

We care about your successes. That’s why we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Hand-in-hand, with our UK partner Content+Cloud, we’ll support you right from the beginning, and help you to see it through to the end.

Your success is also ours. We want to celebrate with you.


Doing the hard work for you

We know that finding and launching a new intranet is hard, that’s why we’ve answered some of your key questions up front. And created lots of resources to make your life easier.

Plus, we’ve shared the highly respected ClearBox Report for you to download, should you want an independent view.


We want your intranet to look good

Finally, how can we make you look good if we don’t look good ourselves? We want the wow factor, and we want it for you too.

So, our refresh reflects our mission of creating beautiful-looking, user-friendly intranets that empower people to do their best work, that we know your users are going to love.


What’s next?

That just leaves us to say our experienced team are ready to support you. No question is too small or too technical, so get in touch with our clued-up team. One of our client managers is waiting to help you.

Get in touch here.