Internal Comms Planning
22 08 2019| Blog
Common Internal Comms Mistakes

Common Internal Communications Mistakes Internal communications, the function responsible for effective communications among employees within an organisation. Sounds like a pretty simple thing to get...

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ITL and Content and Code
15 07 2019| Blog
IT Lab Group (Content and Code + IT Lab) announces support for Microsoft Managed Desktop globally

15 July 2019, LONDON: Today IT Lab Group (Content and Code + IT Lab + Perspective Risk) announced it is now an Authorized Microsoft Managed...

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Choose intranet provider
20 06 2019| Blog
5 Steps To Finding Your Corporate Intranet Provider

You've made the decision that a corporate intranet is what's needed in your organisation, now to begin the simple task of choosing an intranet provider....

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Retail Digital Workspace
14 03 2019| Blog
A Fresh Digital Workspace for Retail

The retail sector, by definition, is any business or individual who is involved with selling products directly to consumers. With such a big focus on...

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Remote Working
22 02 2019| Blog
Remote Working Hotspots in London

With the increase of mobile and more flexible working, employees aren't always trapped to working just within the walls of their offices. But where do...

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14 02 2019| Blog
How to Increase User Adoption

Before we look at the ways in which you can improve user adoption, let's define what adoption really is in terms of technology. Adoption is...

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05 02 2019| Blog
Important Internal Communications Trends for 2019

We're already one month into 2019 so, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start looking at the key internal communications trends for this year....

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28 01 2019| Blog
Technologies, Triumphs & Troubles in the Digital Workplace

The average person will spend over a third of their waking hours at work. This figure should give organisations a huge nudge to ensure that...

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Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service roll out Fresh Intranet across their entire organisation
27 11 2018| Clients
Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service

Industry: Fire and Rescue Location: 60 Locations Users: 1,800 Technology: Fresh on Office 365 An intranet that enables smarter ways of working and engages DWFS...

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