How your intranet can support a hybrid working model

Find out how to empower your employees in the hybrid workplace  with a Fresh intranet.

With the shift to hybrid working, the role of the intranet in internal comms, onboarding, culture and new technology has evolved.




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The modern intranet is no longer just a storage and communications channel.  It’s a ‘digital twin’ of what was the  real-life office where your people  can connect and collaborate.




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With most organisations adopting a hybrid working model, what was previously presented to employees simply isn’t up to the job anymore.

As new technologies are introduced in a remote workplace, your people are left to figure them out for themselves. An intranet can solve that by supporting them in navigating comprehensive technologies.

As well as integrating your intranet into Teams, you can empower your employees with the Viva suite of apps.

We’ve seen Microsoft Teams become a hub for teamwork in the hybrid workplace. 

It means useful content, insights and knowledge are just a click away.

With Microsoft Viva, you can bring learning, insights and, of course, the SharePoint intranet into the flow of work. 

Fresh can help you empower employees with a modern digital workplace.

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