Towergate opts for Fresh intranet as their core internal communications channel


80 locations worldwide

4,000 users

Towergate Insurance is one of the largest corporate and SME insurance brokers in the UK. They offer expert advice and place almost any insurance risk, providing risk advice and insurance solutions with national and local technical experts in the UK. Towergate are based in over 80 locations across the UK with over 4000 staff on hand to deliver insurance and risk services. Towergate has a strong presence across the UK, offering clients sustainable solutions to complex challenges. The company is supported through a self-delivery business model, industry-leading innovation and a large directly-employed team of over 4,000 engineers, professional managers and skilled operatives.

"We chose Fresh because they were able to provide a simplified communication and collaboration solution that enabled us to get up and running pretty quickly."

Guilia Faires,
Intranet Manager

"One other thing that made the Fresh proposition stand out is the fact that they offered a continuous improvement programme which means our new Intranet will stay relevant in time. "


With over 4000 staff nationwide, a strong team of advisors who work face-to-face, by phone and hot desk, their employees are at the heart of what they do. With such a large work force sporadically spaced out, they were focusing on a big transformation project. Having acquired Office 365, Towergate were looking for a platform that could take advantage of the cloud based services.

Internal communications and information that was previously available was extremely outdated and not very engaging. The business wanted a complete refresh of their content and to start from the beginning again. One of their key objectives was to focus on improving internal communications across the business by creating compelling content that was targeted based on either location or job role and therefore relevant based on the user’s profile. They were looking for a platform that offered a clean slate, would promote the company brand and offer a personalised experience, something that their old intranet lacked.

"With their vast experience Content and Code have been able to package up all the best bits that make an intranet successful, so we can use the power of SharePoint and the core tools available in Office 365. "

"There is no doubt that as a result of our new intranet we are a more connected, more efficient and happier workplace.”


Implementing collaboration and communication tools can seem like an overwhelming challenge with so many competing user, team and unit demands adding complication to an already bamboozling range of options, features and requirements. In order to provide Towergate with a customisable communication platform where users can collaborate across the business, Content and Code implemented Fresh, built for SharePoint online

Towergate had recently acquired Office 365, to maximise the most out of their investment they wanted an intranet that take advantage of their cloud based services. Fresh complements Office 365 by adding depth into intranet functionality whilst merging a communications portal with a collaboration hub. In addition, Towergate will continue to get access to all future upgrades and enhancements to the Fresh platform.

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