Fresh Welcomes New North American Partner Klarinet

Fresh has teamed up with trusted SharePoint intranet consulting and Microsoft 365 modern managed services consultancy Klarinet.

The first of the Fresh partnerships announced, Klarinet will extend and enhance Fresh’s reach in North America.

A leader in digital workplace solutions, Klarinet will work with organizations to create streamlined, user-friendly intranets within Microsoft 365 using Fresh.

“Klarinet is thrilled to be named Fresh Intranet’s first North American partner,” said Daniel Amaro, co-founder and president at Klarinet. “Fresh Intranet’s seamless integration with Microsoft 365 complements our mission of elevating the digital workplace experience for our clients.”

Klarinet chose to partner with Fresh Intranet because the product provides a “comprehensive suite of features” designed to “transform SharePoint” into a dynamic hub for company news, collaboration, and vital information. Fresh’s easy-to-use interface “simplifies content publication”, allowing businesses to create and share engaging content effortlessly.

Aligned with the Microsoft roadmap, Fresh ensures instant connectivity with Microsoft 365, providing clients with regular updates on the product roadmap. It is specifically tailored for high-growth companies, offering scalability and adaptability to evolving business needs.

“We’re delighted to have Klarinet as our first North American partner,” said Jarmo Kuusinen, Head of Partnerships at Fresh. “Together, we aim to redefine the intranet experience for North American businesses, offering them a user-centric and versatile platform that aligns with the evolving demands of modern workplaces.”

Fresh Intranet’s partnership with Klarinet demonstrates its commitment to continuously seek out and deliver cutting-edge digital workplace experiences to clients across North America.
We caught up with Klarinet’s cofounder and president Daniel Amaro to find out exactly what he likes about Fresh and why the intranet product stands out over others on the market. Here’s what he has to say:

Why Fresh?

Daniel Amaro: One of the main differences about Fresh Intranet from other solutions is that it sits on top of an existing SharePoint tenant as opposed to being a separate platform. This means for companies with tight security requirements, for example, they don’t have to worry about securing another product. Fresh Intranet also fits a niche for Microsoft 365 clients who need more functionality than what SharePoint offers on its own. Plus, Fresh’s UX is totally seamless, especially for users who are already familiar with the Microsoft environment.

With rising concerns over data breaches and privacy issues, how confident are you in Fresh’s security provision?

Daniel Amaro: We are very confident in Fresh’s security because it leverages Microsoft 365. This makes it more palatable to customers because it’s not another provider on top of SharePoint.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are becoming more prevalent in intranets. How has the introduction of FreshMind to the Fresh product help you to meet customer expectations?

Daniel Amaro: FreshMind is a great asset for clients looking to use generative AI within their intranet and will definitely help intranet editors with content creation, which can be a challenge for a lot of clients.

Intranets are increasingly being used to foster a sense of community – how does Fresh support and align with this workplace trend?

Daniel Amaro: Fresh’s templates and navigation helps to turn a basic SharePoint intranet into a digital workplace. This enables teams, which are spread out or hybrid working, to connect and collaborate. Plus, Fresh Intranet can be designed to match the client’s branding, which is important in helping to create and maintain a cohesive company culture.

How cost-effective is Fresh Intranet?

Daniel Amaro: Very cost-effective in that it leverages the Microsoft 365 license that the client already has and adds value on top that. Plus, it has all the missing pieces that help increase employee satisfaction and productivity in one product – making it much more cost-effective than building all of them separately.


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