Fresh Intranet

A digital communication and collaboration portal where you can share news, be social and find company information easily.

Your modern Intranet.

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. Complete.

Implementing collaboration and communication tools can seem like an overwhelming challenge for many organisations. Fresh Intranet is designed to get teams working together, faster. It’s a digital communications solution, built on Office 365, it is accessible in the office, at home and in your pocket. Fresh provides users with familiar features that they will love to use. Extending Office 365 to make it the easy to use communications and collaboration platform. Fresh is scalable, easy to deploy and simplifies using Office 365. By adopting Fresh as the centrepiece of your digital workspace, you will improve employee engagement, increase productivity and realise efficiency gains. Simply put, Fresh is the fastest way to get to value for Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Delve and Video.

Fresh features

Looks modern. Works modern.

We’re not in the 90’s anymore. Today’s employees are mobile; they work from different devices from different points across the globe. And they need access to company information 24/7. Your intranet needs to fit around them and the way they expect to work. Fresh works perfectly on every device, allows secure access to documents via the cloud and includes social tools that fit around how people work today. It’s what the intranet should be like. It’s Fresh.

Starts Fresh. Stays Fresh.

Fresh is constantly updated, bringing you all the latest tools, technology, security and patches. Unlike a traditional intranet which quickly becomes stale and dated, Fresh is constantly improving, meaning you never have to worry about expensive updates or revamps again. Once you have Fresh, you know you’ll stay Fresh forever. You see it’s a platform that’s adopted, never abandoned. There’ll be no more old hat working anymore, oh no. You’ll be the one keeping it Fresh.

Get Fresh. Intranet today.

With Fresh you get a powerful, cost-effective, cloud-based intranet delivered fast and avoid the risk of traditional drawn-out deployments and uncertain costs. Fresh is built on Microsoft’s Office 365 but customised to your business, delivering you the tools you need most. Even more you can get Fresh in less than two months with a happy smile on yours and your colleagues face. Choose Fresh and be the talk of the water cooler – be the one who delivers change fast.

The intranet is where your colleagues start and end their day. So, shouldn’t it be Fresh?

Picture your average colleague. They spend their days creating and reviewing documents. They spend their days asking questions, searching for information and answers. They spend their days resolving problems together – all in an attempt to deliver projects, satisfy customers, win deals and build a better business. Make work easier with Fresh and give your staff the tools they need to do their best work.

Fresh is right for the whole business

Look at them all. They couldn’t be happier

Intranet Managers

Provide a tool looks great, is simple to use and that employees love.

CIOs and IT Directors

Get value from Office 365 and SharePoint with a platform that is deployed and adopted fast.

Comms Directors

Engage with your staff regularly and easily on any device, anywhere.

Finance Directors

Get value for money – Fresh will save over £150,000 of upfront development.

Human Resources

An intranet where employees find information easily and collaborate naturally.

Working with Fresh

Fresh is the product following years of proven innovation from multi award winning Content and Code . We took all the best bits that our clients loved from our approach through to the intranet functionality and packaged it up so it was simpler and faster to build a digital workplace or an intranet. Our consulting teams have refined our workshops, methodology and approach so you spend less time consulting and more time enjoying your new intranet.  

Microsoft Partner Award 2016 Intranet winner
Microsoft Partner Award 2015 Winner
Microsoft Partner Award 2014 Winner