• 06:30

    Catch up

    Carpe dieme sleepy head. Check emails and social feed in Fresh from your smart phone.

  • 08:30


    Arrive at your desk, down a cup of char, open up Fresh and view the latest company communications video on the home page.

  • 09:00


    Begin working on your documents. Where are they I hear you cry? Cry no more because Fresh uses Microsoft Delve to bring the documents you're interested in straight to you.

  • 10:00


    Join a video meeting with colleagues abroad straight from your Fresh calendar.

  • 12:00


    Use Yammer to ask all colleagues a quick question about policy. Get your answer moments later.

  • 13:30


    On your lunch break. Quickly open up the HR site and rapidly book your next holiday.

  • 15:30


    External meeting? Securely open up Fresh on a laptop in the meeting and present your killer Sway presentation. You'll knock 'em dead kiddo

  • 17:00


    Write and rapidly publish a mini-blog to all your colleagues with an update about this afternoon's meeting, the new client you just won and whatever else tickles your fancy.

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