Why have stale when you can have stunning?

Can you imagine an intranet that is a delight to use? Well imagine no more. Watch Video

Are people actually using your intranet?

Is it more hindrance than help?

Are intranet admin tasks taking too long?

Do you want something that just works?

Built on Office 365, Fresh is a new kind of intranet. With responsive, mobile-friendly pages, social portals, powerful search and intuitive interface.With the great foundations of Office 365 we’ve built a palace fit for a king.

Time to say ‘see you later you rotter of an intranet’ – the confusing navigation, poor search, slow sign-on, annoying admin screens, and unfriendly mobile experiences.  You need an intranet that is a delight to use.  Well helloooo their Fresh, do come in and make yourself comfortable.

Fantastically spiffing with no more inhibiting -make your intranet a place where people want to work, where they can get stuff done and collaborate in the way modern business needs.

No to the intra-not rot. Yes to the intranet fresh

Get more of your day back and stop suffering with your old intranet. A Fresh intranet saves you time, is easy to use, easy to add content to and easy to collaborate with. You’ll be able to upload videos that work on any device, you’ll be able to post and share blogs to everyone in the business and you can create, edit and remove content without the headaches. Fresh, the painkiller thats works everytime!

Stale content can do one. Take out the trash and bring the Fresh home.

An intranet that users will love more than their family. Maybe.

Silence the naysayers that complain about your old intranet. Your colleagues will keep coming back to Fresh; it makes it easy for them to do their jobs, it makes them more productive and it feels modern. Its social features mean people want to log on and collaborate with colleagues. Its machine learning features means it becomes their ‘go to’, delivering them the information they want when they need it. Its easy to use interface means they can find what they want in seconds.

Get the praise and recognition you deserve with a solution that users will love. Go on. You deserve it!

Modern, not maddening

In an increasingly mobile world, your people need to be able to communicate and collaborate from London to Lima, from the factory to the field. Fresh makes it easy to connect via any device, push projects forward, achieve goals faster, discover problems and deliver solutions.
Out of a survey of 100 people who weren’t fresh, 100% of them thought they would be fresher if they freshened up with something fresh.

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