Your people-focused business needs a people-focused portal

Can an intranet really make working lives better? Read on! I bet it can! Watch Video

Can people actually find answers to HR questions on your portal?

Are your employees less engaged than they could be?

Do new staff feel lost online?

Do you want a tool that fits around how your resources work?

Fresh is a new kind of intranet – one where employees find information easily, collaborate naturally and work in the way which suits them best. It all sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it is true.

Its powerful search tools and interactive portals mean they find the forms and workflows they need, when they need them. Its social features allow people to ask questions, find colleagues and build the company culture. Its powerful on boarding features mean new hires feel at home from day one. How incredibly ruddy helpful.

An intranet shouldn’t be a place where documents go to die. Those docs shouldn’t be buried just yet. Give your employess Fresh and let them be as productive as they possibly can be. Let them be the crème de la crème. The best of the best.  The fresh de la fresh.

Those ruddy emails need to take a long walk off a short pier.

If you’re constantly fending off emails, attaching forms and reminding people where to find policy and procedure documents, Fresh will liberate your days. A Fresh intranet gives employees an easy to use portal where finding key information, templates and documents is a breeze. You can then turn your attention to your actual job. see you later emails.Email admin is a thing of the past. HR is your job and now those pesky emails are a thing of the past you can finally concentrate on doing what you do best.

Make your intranet a gold mine of knowledge for everyone. Time to dig!

Too many intranets are confusing, boring and unengaging. No surprise people feel confused, bored and unengaged at work. Fresh sparks a more positive company culture. Social portals mean employees connect in a more human way. New hires can find all the relevant documents they need, have somewhere to go when they need answers fast. Remote workers stay connected via video calls. This brings the company back to its core – back to its human resources.

Get visibility of employee engagement. So you can tell if you need to spice up your messaging a bit. Nothing too risque though eh?

Fresh provides powerful analytics tools that let you understand how engaged your employees are. See who has read that latest policy and procedure document. Carry out flash polls to measure morale. Discover employee issues before they get too big and resolve problems fast.
Fresh helps you get inside their nogin and find out what makes them tick. Then you can add the tock.

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