An intranet with R.O.I – not I.O.U

Could a new intranet really save your firm money? Watch Video

Is your intranet riddled with hidden costs?

Is IT maintaining when it should be gaining?

Can you account for the value of your investment?

Do you want a tool that helps drive profits?

Fresh is new kind of intranet which brings you constantly updated features at a fraction of the cost of traditional portals. You get cutting edge productivity tools, social platforms, easy distance and mobile working. You avoid expensive servers, hardware and needing an army of technicians to maintain your environment.

Fresh is transparent. Rather than paying for an expensive and risky 6-month project with hundreds of hidden costs, you get a rapid deployment followed by a simple monthly user-license fee which you can expand and shrink as you need. That’s it. No additional costs for support, servicing or software upgrades.

We wont cost you an arm and a leg. You can keep those.

Cease the cycle of unending IT spending

Traditional intranets need to be upgraded at high cost every few years and need endless patches and upgrades. Fresh eliminates this expensive cycle by bringing you ‘evergreen’ software. New updates are delivered constantly via the cloud, meaning you will never have to lay out for a new portal at huge expense again. There’ll be no more raiding of the piggy bank – not on your watch. Think ahead ol’ boy. Choose Fresh to secure a long term financial advantage.

More engaged people are more productive people

Invest in Fresh to gain the long term rewards of engaged employees. Fresh brings you access to the most advanced enterprise communications and collaboration tools. It includes the latest document management tools to save people hours hunting for information. It incorporates powerful knowledge management so no one reinvents the wheel. And it includes secure mobile access, meaning people can be productive wherever they are, whenever they want.

Reliable, real-time reporting

Fresh brings you the benefits of real-time reporting. Share and co-author finance records and receive instant feedback via social features. Fresh brings your workplace online and all in one place. This means documents don’t get lost, and invoices and work orders can be approved by from your mobile, from your desktop or from your CEO – even if she’s the other side of the world.

Get Fresh today. Work Fresh forever.

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