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Head the charge for change

Are you ready to accelerate your business to the cloud? I bet you are, you spritely whippersnapper, you

Do users have a poor perception of IT?

Do you need a platform that delivers more at lower expense?

Does your business struggle with slow adoption?

Does dated tech mean people opt for shadow IT?

Fresh is a new kind of intranet which helps you deliver an IT solution that fits the needs of the modern business. It helps IT become a key partner in achieving business strategy – to become more proactive, mobile and nimble. Fresh comes fast – it can be up and running within 50 days and can deliver ROI of 162% within 7 months*.  Quicker than a whippet being chased by a cheetah.

Fresh provides the features that users love to use, based on Office 365’s constant updates. It provides all the latest collaboration and communication tools to help staff do their best work, meaning they don’t have to resort to external apps and helps you crush the threat of shadow IT. So long buster.

Be the legend you always knew you were! Be the Fresh you!


*according to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact report

What a spiffing combo: IT and business in sync.

Fresh allows your organisation’s IT needs to take on a new role, moving from a support service to becoming a critical partner by facilitating the work of other departments. You can empower the CEO to share messages by video, help comms create outstanding two-way dialogue and help HR on-board and engage new employees with easy to use forms and procedures. You’ll also be a hero to your marketing team as they’ll have a central space to store large files, and help your mobile field workers be productive anytime, anywhere and on any device. And of course, you’ll provide a collaborative space for sales people to update and share proposals and give them mobile access to your intranet to ensure they’re never out of the loop.

Get the IT gang together with end users to bring them the ruddy best solutions.

A platform that’s adopted, never abandoned

All too often, new IT systems are dumped on employees and they’re simply expected to ‘get on with it’. It’s no surprise then, that many platforms end up abandoned by users who don’t understand them or realise how beneficial they could be. Fresh is different. A Fresh deployment has an adoption plan built in, backed by a PROSCI-certified change management approach, meaning your deployment is widely used, low risk and gives real ROI. And, Fresh benefits from long term adoption support, so you know users will benefit from the latest updates from now until the end of time.


Oh my good lord! Who’s that shining beacon of beauty and hope?! Oh its you with fresh. Get the praise and recognition you deserve with a solution that users will love. It’s time for change and lead the way with Fresh!

Change perceptions for a positive reception. No, not a champagne reception you cheeky cad.

As a cloud-based platform, Fresh has an immediate impact on productivity in a highly visible way. Users notice change fast, finding it much easier to collaborate and communicate from wherever they’re working and whatever device they use. Modern IT needs to be able to deliver smart, modern tools fast that feel just as good – if not better – than the tools employees use at home. Fresh brings you a platform that looks smart, stays cutting edge and inspires users.

Chops away – Soar way up high in the beautiful clouds. Well, cloud. There’s only one.

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