The humble intranet: from ‘filing cabinet’ to hybrid working hub

Find out how the intranet can help you evolve to a modern digital workplace.

As organisations have shifted to hybrid work over recent years, the role of the intranet has transformed. Internal comms, onboarding employees, culture and new technologies have all been impacted.

What is an intranet?

Traditionally they might be seen as just another tool rather than a place to go, but intranets are key to employee engagement and collaboration.

Browser-centric intranets provide support and guidance to employees navigating comprehensive technologies. A Microsoft Teams-centric intranet provides a hub for teamwork with the bonus of the Viva suite.

Getting your intranet deployment right requires the right support and guidance.  At Fresh, we know the common building blocks of a successful intranet platform.

Successfully deploying your intranet

First, you need to get your foundations in place, considering your users and content.  Then you can move on to thinking about how to use your intranet to get people excited.


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but we can help you figure out what a successful intranet will look like for your organisation.

Intranet Strategy

Intranet Deployment

Training and Adoption

On-going Support

Fresh can help you kickstart your digital workplace strategy.

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