Successfully deploying your intranet

Find out how you can create a truly digital workplace with a modern SharePoint intranet.

At Fresh, we know  what building blocks are  required for a successful  SharePoint intranet:

Much like building a house, if your intranet’s foundations are rocky without clearly drawn-up plans, it’s not going to last long, nor will it be fit for purpose.

It’s not just about finding a tool with lots of shiny features – you need to consider what your users want from an intranet and how that will look.

What to consider

If you’re creating an intranet from scratch, you’ll need to develop a strategy and outline a plan.  Once you’ve done this, you need to think about people involved in running your intranet.

A well thought out structure will make it easy for not only your users but creators to access. Then, you need a schedule for your content to keep your intranet ‘Fresh’.

With the foundations in place, you just need to think about how to get your people excited about your intranet.

Fresh can help you make your digital workplace  a success.

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