Your Guide  to SharePoint Intranet Analytics

Do you want to find out how analytics can help you make  data-driven decisions about your intranet?

Analytics – it’s a word you  hear a lot these days. If we use analytics on sites built for the wider internet, why isn’t it standard for sites built for an intranet?

Compelling communications are just the start of a great intranet. You need to know if they are being consumed by your users. There are lots of analytical tools available to help you review the data.

Let’s take a look at the analytics tools available and how you can use them to improve your intranet site experience for your users. 

If you have a SharePoint-based intranet, you’ll already have built-in analytics.  It provides useful page insights but you won’t easily get an overall picture of your intranet’s success.

If you have  an internet site,  you might be familiar with Google Analytics. It works just as well for  intranet sites, providing  detailed statistics of  your intranet site  user data.

An alternative to third-party analytics tools is Azure Application Insights. You can get detailed insights into your intranet site’s activity with timelines and trends of user journeys.

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