Assessing your readiness for a digital workplace

Find out how ready your organisation is to deploy a modern SharePoint intranet.

Understanding where you are on your digital workplace journey means asking lots of questions about your organisation, strategy and current position.

At Fresh, we are often asked  what you might need: But there is no one-size-fits-all approach to a successful intranet deployment.

What tech?

What people?

What resources?

What else?

For a simple use case, your intranet might be easy to manage for one person, where supporting activity might fold into people’s existing responsibilities.

In a more complex scenario, an all-encompassing digital workplace might extend into the office, devices and room management.  This would require a dedicated team depending on your organisation size.

To turn this into something useful, we assess where your organisation is currently and where you need to get to.

What do you want to launch with?

What does Day 1 look like?

What about the future?

Once these are established, it’s much simpler to see the work you need to do to get to where you need to be and to track your progress over time.

Fresh can help you kickstart your digital workplace strategy.

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