Helping the public sector drive employee engagement by delivering targeted communications and collaboration 

With over 16 years of experience in SharePoint and Office 365 projects, Content and Code created Fresh Intranet. Fresh Intranet is a simplified communications and collaboration portal enabling public sector clients to rapidly deploy the Office 365 Intranet platform. It helps users discover useful information, content, people and resources. Fresh is designed to initiate, rapidly deploy and provide a long-term focus on adoption and increasing usage, help public sector organisations get the most out of their intranet.

We provide public sector clients with an intranet that meets specific business and technological requirements that fit within your budgetary requirements whilst offering user adoption support and an evergreen platform to ensure you get the most out of your intranet. Fresh Intranet can also be found on G-Cloud 9, as a trusted Crown Commercial Service (CSS) supplier, offering public sector organisations a product that delivers on time and efficiency.

Simplified collaboration portal

Fresh simplifies Office 365 and SharePoint making it user friendly and achieve outcomes quickly. With Fresh readily accessible from any location and any device, your employees can keep updated with the latest company information, HR tools, employee information, search and projects.

Keep employees informed

Fresh provides your employees with a familiar and reliable productivity platform to keep your organisation running smoothly from multiple locations. Fresh Intranet can unify your brand by providing one central platform for your organisation across multiple locations from any device.

Evergreen platform

Fresh enables organisations to find a way to cut through the options, features and user requirements and rapidly deploy and leverage the SharePoint platform and its core tools.  Fresh is constantly improving, meaning you never have to worry about expensive updates or revamps.

Just some of the clients we have
helped deliver a successful intranet

Towergate Insurance
Yorkshire Water

Fresh Intranet from Content and Code have helped a number of clients across various sectors including; Murphy, Towergate Insurance, Hays, The NEC, Heathrow airport, PPF, Yorkshire Water, achieve their business goals.

G-Cloud Crown Commercial Service Supplier 

Fresh Intranet from Content and Code are a trusted partner working collaboratively with the UK’s public sector organisations to help them maximise their investment in Microsoft’s cloud technologies and transform service delivery. Fresh Intranet provides services across the public sector including health, education, local government, police, fire and ambulance service.

You can find Fresh Intranet on the Government Cloud (G-Cloud). The G cloud is a U.K. government programme to promote government- wide adoption cloud of computing. It is a trusted go to supplier hub for government organisations, opening up choice for public sector buyers, promote innovative technology.  Public organisations including agencies use the Digital Marketplace to find people and technology for their digital projects. The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery.

Public sector departments who we help 

National and Local Government
Emergency Services
Transportation Administration
Educational Institutions
Not-for-profit Organisations
Health and Human Services

Organisations using Fresh discover the following benefits

Increased employee engagement
Mobile responsive
Easy to update and maintain
Flexible and evergreen platform
Engaging and intuitive

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