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An intranet is like a fine tailored suit. Yessiree, you can spend months using the fabric of Office 365 to create a platform made to measure for your business – only to find your requirements change 6 months down the line. Or, you can invest in a ready-made Fresh intranet, designed to incorporate all the best features most businesses need with a tailoring service to adjust it to your exact requirements. But please don’t try and wear your intranet – it looks ridiculous.

Empower yourself with best of breed to ensure your people succeed

Does your homepage content feel stale and stodgy like a bowl of porridge that’s been left out for 4 weeks in the Caribbean sun?

Well with Fresh employees start the day in Fresh and end the day in Fresh. Fresher than jumping head first in to a pool of ice cubes. It’s homepage provides an attractive, company-branded environment where you can drive engagement with company news, people, frequently used applications and valuable content from Delve, Yammer, Mail, Calendar and document storage portals.

Are people forced to adapt to your intranet? Well don’t force a horse to ride a snail race.

Increasing your organisation’s social capital is critical to build efficiency, solve problems and ensure teams work well together. Social tools like Yammer help conversations flow and as people work out loud, they overcome challenges together and are more engaged. Personalised, targeted content at roles, locations, or seniority adds context and local flavour to make it feel relevant, up-to-date and most importantly useful!

End doubt about whether company news is being read.

The Fresh news centre keeps your colleagues up to date. Centralised and searchable, content can be targeted at specific groups and roles within your organisation. For news creators, the news centre allows you to add stories easily, delegate editing permissions and measure who’s reading.

Do employees revert to shadow IT for their specific sites and projects?

Often, internal teams need to set up their own internal websites or intranets to host content, applications or information for the rest of the company to use. Without providing this through your overall framework, you risk shadow IT. You can activate modern tools and techniques quickly meaning that your users won’t have to look anywhere else.

Do you struggle to create company communication across locations?

If your organisation works across multiple sites and across a range of countries, you need a way of tracking and displaying that on the intranet. Fresh provides a container for this information that enables each location to host information such as maps, key contacts, documents and policies, among others.

Does your intranet make it hard to find key information?

New (and sometimes existing) employees tend to struggle to keep tabs on the range of available online systems that organisations have. Fresh provides quick and memorable access to these tools. On average users spend up to one day a week searching for information – give them their day back with powerful search.

Do your users get lost trying to find key data and sites? Well, that sure ain’t no fun for them is it?

Traditional SharePoint intranets allow you to create an endless supply of sites for teams and projects. This can, however, create difficulties for end-users in finding the right site. Fresh solves this problem with improved navigation and search controls, giving you the power to find what you are looking for.

Do you struggle to share powerful video on your portals?

Video content is a critical way of disseminating content and information to your end users – be that training videos, executive briefings or presentations. Fresh video saves you from depending on inappropriate third party tools like YouTube, letting you store videos on Office 365 and share on Yammer. Videos smoother than milkshake and enjoyed be everyone? I say.

Does your intranet force you to work within rigid structures?

Organisations need to structure their information in a wide range of ways – vertically and horizontally, internally and externally, designed for different purposes. By using SharePoint site templates, extended and customised to your needs, you can create information containers that fit perfectly around you. Darn tootin.’

Do end users miss out on documents and stories which would help them?

Search works well for your end-users when they have some idea of what they are looking for. However, sometimes, they don’t know what their colleagues have been up to. Delve surfaces content based on your profile and connections giving you valuable insight into information beyond your immediate knowledge.

Do you wish your intranet let you use all the latest technology?

Fresh integrates with Microsoft’s Office 365 digital workspace. This means we can bring you all the latest features of this powerful stack, including mobile responsive solutions, Skype for Business, instant messaging, Power BI and many more of the latest digital tools that are shaking up the workplace.

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