Why choose Fresh?

Will users actually adopt your Fresh new way of working? You can bet your bottom dollar they will.

An intranet can be the tippity top of the best of friends or the worst of enemies. Fresh makes sure you have the best relationship possible. Like 2 peas in a pod.

Out with the old and in with the Fresh. Fresh is a new way of working. It seamlessly fits around your colleagues, around the way they work and around the tasks and activities most important to them. Unlike traditional intranets, with their clunky interfaces and poor user experience, Fresh is completely focused on helping them do their best work. When it becomes easier to work in Fresh than outside it, you can be confident users will keep coming back. Who doesn’t want to stay fresh? No-one that’s who.

Tap into the Fresh Heritage to deliver an instant intranet success

We do and we have built them into Fresh so you can have instant launch success. After 15 years building hundreds of cutting-edge intranets, Content and Code has great insight into what works and we’ve built this knowledge into Fresh. Our experts have packaged up the functionality your users want and need – based on hearing their requests in thousands of workshops and looking at real intranet analytics to see what features actually get used. You benefit as you can be sure of successfully launching an instant sure fire hit. Hoorah.

More than just technology, we package up adoption services too

No point having a jolly good intranet unless everyone ruddy loves it is there? Whilst Fresh is easy to use and has great features we know that effort is required to create buzz, get senior buy in, educate the masses, train super users and provide ongoing support.

That’s why we’ve packaged up these activities to make it easy for you. Our Fresh methodology provides communications plans, champions activities, training, executive coaching, launch events and other resources to ensure success.

We don’t stop there though, we revisit you on a quarterly basis to make sure success is being realised and any challenges are being overcome. Of course, we are flexible and these activities can be extended to provide greater depth, coverage and to work as a full business change team following Prosci certified change management.

Extended Activities


Communications plan template

Working with change team
Create Communications Plan
Supporting change

Videos and other media


Briefing Document

Create champions programme
Champions training & support

Extend champions programme


Content Editor
Online resources

Additional training sessions
Community management

Create videos for use cases


Exec Coaching

Briefing documents

In person executive briefings

1-1 support and training
Programme for executives

Launch and Events

Buzz day

Additional buzz days
Attendance at company events
Floor walking

Custom launch plan and activities

Ongoing Support

Quarterly health-checks
Genius bar

‘Essentials’ support package
Service design

Tailored support package

A methodology you can depend on and extend on

Our methodology focusses on exactly what is needed for success and guides you through the process of SharePoint implementation. Spanning four easy- peazey – lemon squeezy-to-understand phases.  Our plans, workbooks and documentation walks you through the process and integrates Fresh with your business. We’ll cover strategy, goals, information architecture, branding, content planning, training, education, launch activities and keep you on track. Our methodology is flexible and for organisations with an existing SharePoint estate or requirements to extend the functionality or customise things, we will work with you to build out any of the stages.

Support you can count on. For success you can count on

Content and Code specialises in providing end-to-end Office 365 and SharePoint support, maintenance, monitoring and optimisation services. We have caboodles of experience and unrivalled knowledge along with a proven methodology that will ensure your Office 365 or SharePoint services are available and performing at maximum efficiency. Our unique service and support model is designed to strengthen environments as they mature. Much like a fine wine.
Our frontline teams work to solve alerts and issues as they arise whilst our engineers work proactively, optimising environments to maximise performance and minimise issues.

In Governance we trust

Through our 15 years’ experience in delivering intranets and working with Microsoft technology, we know a thing or two about the importance of great governance. We know it’s a major priority for senior stakeholders when deploying a new intranet. We know that without it, environments can quickly become stale and indigestible, and your plans for success can wilt. We know the policies that need to be in place and we know that for every business, processes differ, responsibilities change and tasks evolve. Well fear not…

With a Fresh intranet, you benefit from a governance plan that’s clearly defined and tailored to your business. We live and breathe Office 365 at Content and Code, providing ongoing care and support which meets the unique needs and goals for your business. Through analytics, we look at what’s right and what’s wrong in order to refine your governance plan. A Fresh intranet is a hassle-free intranet; we take away those pains to let your IT staff focus on what’s important to them.

Homepage and map demo of Fresh Intranet
  • Social and other media platforms
  • Yammer intergration
  • News hub
  • Content targeting
  • content management
  • Breaking news
  • Announcements
  • Likes
  • Analytics
  • Departments
  • Business units
  • Content
  • Locations
  • Campaigns
  • Profile
  • Recent Docs / Sites
  • My Connections
  • People Search
  • collaboration hub
  • Tools
  • Vacancies
  • Intergrated with O365
  • Fully mobile responsive

A Fresh Roadmap, with Fresh Features

Wouldn’t it be great to stop father time taking it’s toll? Well, with a Fresh intranet, old is a thing of the past. Growing alongside your business, it avoids becoming stale, instead providing Fresh features and functionality that your users will love. It’s much like the elixir of youth for intranets… And who doesn’t want that in their lives? Just Cliff Richard that’s who. He’s had enough. Grow up Cliff. Our roadmap – aligned with Office 365 – keeps your company on the fast track to success.

Fresh is an evergreen model that uses the latest and greatest features to hit the digital shelves. Driving high adoption and engagement, Fresh will always offer the most innovative technology on the market. And if you’re a customer of Fresh with a feature you’d like to add, we’ll do just that – contribute to the future success of your digital workspace and give your staff an intranet they’ll love, not loathe.

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