Move away from the traditional, with a Fresh modern intranet

Fresh is the intranet built on Office 365 that provides any organisation a modern digital workspace that engages users. With Fresh, you can move away from the clunky traditional intranet with a user experience that suits the 21st Century.

Is it about time you moved to a modern intranet experience?

Is your intranet looking dated? Intranets often get a bad wrap for being difficult to use, stale bits of technology. Now, with Fresh you provide a modern intranet for your user base, backed by the power of Office 365. With Fresh, you can target content directly to users, engage staff through enterprise Social and enable closer collaboration in Microsoft Teams.

Is your intranet available on any device?

Do your users still have to pinch and pull on mobile? Fresh is the maximum impact, rapid delivery intranet builds on modern SharePoint user experiences. With a fully responsive UI, simplified navigation and logical site structure, Fresh works perfectly on any device. With a native iOS and Android App, your users can connect, collaborate and communicate from anywhere.

Having trouble getting users off email and onto the intranet?

Emails are very quickly becoming a thing of the past. Fresh is built on SharePoint Online meaning that you can benefit from an integrated platform that combines collaboration and the range of communications tools - such as Microsoft Teams and Yammer - Office 365 has to offer. With Fresh, you can remove the need for email and enable a better, smarter way of working within your organisation.

Add, schedule and deliver your intranet content more effectively

Fresh provides a modern publishing experience with accurate content targeting based on user profiles. You can tag your content with relevant keywords to ensure that your content is targeted only to users who care about that content. News can be scheduled for publishing quickly and easily, with approval workflows built-in.

With Fresh you can set corporate-wide policies, as well as sections unique to one division or brand to deliver a publishing experience that is quick, easy and efficient.

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Get your users engaged and using your intranet with Fresh

Deliver an intelligent intranet user experience, across every device

Fresh allows any organisation, from SME to Enterprise to deliver an intelligent, modern intranet user experience across every device. Built using a modern SharePoint UI, Fresh is fully customisable to your corporate brand. With these flexible capabilities for branding, you can manage multiple sub-brands without splitting content into multiple sites.

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Fresh is a simplified communication and collaboration solution that enables organisations to find a way to cut through the options, features and user requirements and rapidly deploy a SharePoint intranet and its core tools. Every deployment comes with a structured approach to change management, to ensure that your solution is fully embedded within your organisation.

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