Engage users within a central digital workspace

Fresh is the Office 365 intranet designed specifically to engage employees. Fresh integrates with HR systems and existing workflow to provide a central digital workspace on any device.

Is your intranet being used?

Intranets can often be dated, stale, hard to use, un-sexy bits of technology. Fresh is the modern intranet built on Office 365 that provides evergreen updates, targeted content and a digital workspace users will actually use and engage with.

Are our systems centralised?

Your people need to be efficient in their roles. By creating a central digital workspace you can provide powerful tools and seamless integration with your existing HR systems and processes. Making life easier for all.

Are new staff productive?

The reality is, this takes time. But with no defined process in place the impact on employee turnover and productivity is huge. With Fresh, all on-boarding procedures, docs, training and applications are all stored in one central place.

Create a central store for critical policy documents

Many organisations have critical information distributed across numerous servers, desktops and paper based systems.This is time consuming and valuable productive time is lost.

With searchable document functionality, and a dedicated hub for content, Fresh centralises critical documentation into one place. Fresh provides your staff with one source of truth.

Fresh Knowledge Base

It’s not easy managing people, but Fresh can help

Integrate Line-of-Business apps, process and workflow

Fresh is not designed to replace your existing HR systems tools and workflow. Fresh is designed to integrate and complement your existing systems to create a centralised digital workspace backed by the powerful productivity and engagement tools within Office 365.

Fresh Mobile Devices

Need help defining your intranet strategy?

This free workshop is intended to promote discussion and guidance around defining clear strategic objectives that a solution could deliver for your organisation.

Start your strategy

Enable your people with a centralised digital workspace

Fresh is a simplified communication and collaboration solution that enables HR teams to centralise critical documentation, processes, improve on-boarding and provide a central digital workspace employees will actually use.

Cut through the options, features and user requirements and rapidly deploy an Office 365 digital workspace.

Interested in deploying a modern digital workspace within your organisation?

Let us know a few more details about your organisation’s current set-up and a Content and Code consultant will be in touch to run through what your Fresh Intranet deployment could look like for you.