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Fresh is the SharePoint Online intranet designed specifically to drive value from your Office 365 investment, while providing a digital workspace that fits the requirements of a modern business.

Is perception of IT poor?

IT often gets a bad rap from the wider business when it comes to standard systems. Fresh is in the cloud and has all of the benefits of Office 365, allowing your IT teams to become more proactive in responding to user requests.

Have you delivered ROI?

Fresh is the maximum impact, rapid delivery intranet that is the launchpad for Office 365. Fresh can be delivered within 50 days, and can help achieve an ROI of 162%** in the first 7 months of launch. **Forrester's Total Economic Impact Report.

Do users use your tech?

Do employees fail to adopt your technologies? The Fresh methodology includes on-going change support to ensure maximum user adoption. As and when the platform updates, your users will stay engaged and using it.

IT can align with strategic business objectives

The role of IT is changing as more and more organisations are moving the cloud. CIO’s are expected to focus more on meeting strategic goals. A Fresh Intranet allows your IT teams to take on a new role, moving from a support service to becoming a critical partner by facilitating the work of other departments.

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Protect yourself against the use of Shadow IT

Fresh provides the features that users love to use, based on Office 365’s evergreen updates. It provides all the latest collaboration and communication tools to help staff do their best work, meaning they don’t have to resort to external apps and helps you crush the threat of shadow IT.

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Fresh is a simplified communication and collaboration solution that enables organisations to find a way to cut through the options, features and user requirements and rapidly deploy a SharePoint intranet and its core tools.

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